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Virtual Assistants: A Beacon of BPO Services in the Philippines

A virtual assistant is like a lighthouse—rooted in one station that is relatively far and may be limited to a certain purpose, and yet it carries out its function with the desired efficiency with little to no supervision. The navigator, for whom the VA (virtual assistant) gives the signal to, would then have to be a business owner, a corporate executive, or a budding entrepreneur.

The Philippines has been determined to be that one prime station where competent virtual assistants are rooted or found. The quality of virtual assistance from the country is a mere preview of the other BPO services Philippines offers to foreign businesses, multinational companies, and the global market.

The Light that Guides
A VA has the ability to handle the general administrative tasks required in corporate operations or business transactions. A VA’s bright light comes in the form of his/her tasks—filtering e-mails, taking calls, doing research, booking flights, scheduling appointments, and collating data, to name a few.

A virtual assistant’s skills can also cover the areas of online marketing, such as blog management, web page conceptualization, link building, keyword research, video blog posting, and article writing. Like how a lighthouse can guide a navigator, a virtual assistant’s managerial skills make it possible to run a business smoothly.

Efficiency from Afar
Cost-effectiveness is what every business or corporation aims for. Hiring a virtual assistant would translate to obtaining optimum efficiency and incurring minimum cost.

A ballpark figure of $500–700 a month will already allow a business owner to delegate a few duties to a VA; in turn, the business owner can concentrate his/her time and effort on more important business matters in need of an executive’s attention (e.g., meeting with a client, travel for a conference, or plan new business strategies).

Also, a business owner and a virtual assistant communicate with each other in the most affordable means, and that is through online correspondence.

The BPO services Philippines delivers (e.g., technical support, inbound/outbound sales, customer service, etc.) are known to achieve the same cost-effectiveness as that of availing virtual assistance services.

The Tower that Aids
A virtual assistant can indeed free a business owner from a lot of hassles, menial tasks, and minor decisions to make. However, a virtual assistant can only do so much if no specifics, a little mentoring, or business background are provided.

In the same manner that the longevity of a lighthouse will depend on the materials it’s built with, a virtual assistant can carry out assigned functions when given the precise information. It is best that a business owner takes the time to properly discuss with the VA the desired results, the importance of the business transactions, and the bigger picture, per se, of the aim of the business.

It is also important to note that virtual assistants can perform tasks according to a certain business niche. It is actually the initial step in looking for a VA: narrowing down the options to a VA of a specific niche. A virtual assistant usually has developed expertise corresponding to a specific type of business. This mastery is on top of the basic administrative skills (which a VA already knows by heart) needed of any business transaction.

Business owners, company executives, or even entrepreneurs would likely agree that like a beacon in the night, indeed, a virtual assistant has not only aided them in their professional life but greatly contributed to the success of their business as well.

In a nutshell, virtual assistance services have served as the glowing light that has shown foreign investors and more company executives the shared quality and availability of other BPO services Philippines offers to businesses in other parts of the globe.


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