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What are the call centre services of Taking You Forward, Inc. going to be like 10 years from now?

The International Contact Center Convention and Expo 2012 (ICCCE 2012) shed much light on this question. With the theme “2020: The Future of Outsourcing,” other qualms and queries about the future of the Philippine call center industry were discussed.

The 2-day event was attended by Mr. Brad Norman, our CEO; Ms. Emily Brocoy, our business development manager stationed in the TYF, Inc. Manila site; and Mr. Paulo Garcia, the executive business development manager. Mr. Garcia happens to be the only one (of the three) who could inform us about their attendance of the ICCCE 2012.

To start, Mr. Garcia shares that the ICCCE 2012 “was good. A lot of insightful things came across about the BPO industry. Overall, it was a good experience for us, good exposure for the company.”

What is the future of voice-based services?

Mr. Garcia shared that an interactive lecture of note was the “The Future of Outsourcing and Offshoring: What Contact Centers Will Be Like in 10 Years.” The speaker was Mr. Maulik Parek, the president and chief executive officer of SPi Global.

During this lecture, there was a focus group discussion about the practicality of providing voice-based services in 10 years’ time. This is in foremost consideration to one factor: the Digital Natives of the Philippines, today’s generation of 10- to 15-year-olds who are Internet savvy and whose inclinations lie on technological devices and gadgets. Also, the Digital Natives will be the bulk of the BPO industry’s workforce 10 years from now.

With that, the group was split 50-50. Half of the group was thinking “that the future of the BPO industry would be more on just technical support. There might not be a need for voice customer service anymore.” On the other side of the fence, it was pointed out that customers/callers will always look for that human touch.

It was then concluded that call centre services will not change 10 or 20 or 30 years from now. Since callers will always look for that human touch, voice support will still be needed.

What is the future of TYF, Inc.?

Mr. Garcia describes the near future of Taking You Forward, Inc.:

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to TYF, Inc. Q1 of next year, more jobs and more accounts are coming in. These are potentially big accounts, starting at 50 to 70 seats.

Hopefully, we’ll continue our growth that we’ve experienced from year 1 to year 4, that it’s going to be carried over to our fifth year.

Joining the ICCCE 2012 also played a hand in the future of TYF, Inc. According to Mr. Garcia, “We did meet an investor who’s going to invest in TYF, Inc. Hopefully it takes us to the next level.”

The biggest convention and export for contact centres, which is organized by CCAP (Contact Center Association of the Philippines), the ICCCE 2012 was attended by TYF, Inc. to support the call centre industry, strengthen ties with other call centres, and establish a bond with people in the same field.

Being with the other players in the call centre industry, Mr. Garcia had this observation:

Based on the talks that I attended, the system that we have in place, the policies and procedures that we have in place, they’re already at par with the major call centres. We’re basically running the same procedures, same policies. Come to think of it, TYF, Inc.—operations-wise—is at par with the major centres in the Philippines.

Taking You Forward, Inc. has a lot more in store for its employees, customers, and clients/business partners. The company will face the coming 10 years with a stronger drive to deliver globally competitive outsourcing and call centre services.


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