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Technical Support Services

State-of-the-Art ICT Facilities

TYF, Inc.’s capability is extended to its state-of-the-art IT and IS facilities. To date, the company is operating with four (4) production areas and all seats are designed with sufficient space to make agents comfortable in carrying out their job responsibilities. All computer hardware equipment and software programs are up-to-date and we only use licensed software. We have a 10 Mbps dedicated and 20 Mbps burstable internet connectivity at any given time for our VoIP and Internet-based applications. All Free Call/Toll Free inbound services are able to connect to any country's DID (direct inward dialing) facilities, making inbound traffic very cost-effective for our clients.


Sustainable Seating Capacity

TYF, Inc. has a seating capacity for 600, and a 200-meter shared car park. The building has four (4) production floors, approximately measuring 2,500 square meters. A total of 3,620 square meters houses our operations and administration offices.


Disaster Recovery

We recognize the risks associated with server-based facilities and IP networks, hence our need to embrace redundancy in all our components. We provide for the highest degree of fault tolerance to maintain vital links between our clients, their customers, and our employees.

TYF, Inc. engages these challenges with resiliency in mind by providing an offsite backup through a third-party cloud service provider and a local data storage facility (SAN), allowing us to meet more sophisticated and/or incremental backup scheme demands, scheduling, verification, restoration, and other processes from our clients.



TYF, Inc. utilizes a triple modular redundancy system in our Power, Internet, and VoIP components. We employ three (3) ISPs with failover automation should the primary and even secondary provider fail as with our three (3) VoIP providers. We also have two (2) standby diesel generators in the event of power outages.

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